"Contact Dominance Level 2 Changes What is Possible in High-Intensity, Adrenal Stress Training."


What is the Contact Dominance, Level 2 Certification?

The Contact Dominance Level 2 Course is an Instructor Certification for Advanced Skills Instructors

This implies that the instructor will or may be teaching in an environment that allows for more time than is typically available at the in-service level.

It also implies that the instructor may or will be teaching to an audience that has higher levels of motivation and fitness.



Who is this certification for?

The CD-2 Instructor Certification is specifically designed for 3 groups:



How is CD-1 different than CD-2?

The easiest way to think of CD-2 is that it is differentiated in its focus of Training Drill Methodology, or what we call the Operating System.

For those familar with the FMS, CD-1 teaches instructors how to develop drills from the first through the third dimensions.

In contrast, CD-2 teaches instructors how to develop drills in that dangerous but highly effective zone of moving from the third into the fourth dimension.



What primary subject matters are taught?

Again, for contrast the CD-1 subject matters are Subject Control and Immediate Threat Response.

The CD-2 curricullum falls into what we consider the Compressed Combatives/Extreme Officer Survival Training.  Its training componants include:



What else should I know about the Contact Dominance Level 2 Class?

  1. The techniques are super simple, and easy to recall under extreme duress
  2. The concepts are self-evidently true
  3. The threads are fun to train in
  4. The material is easy to understand and teach 



What important mental shifts will I be introduced to?

From how to protect the students in training (CD-1) to how to protect the instructor while students are under adrenal stress

From how to influence officers at the in-service level to how to influence supervisors and decision makers at the curricullum level

From fearing high-intensity training (due to unsustainable injuries) to how to press the restart button on your most valuable training method

From how to avoid reality based drills (because your cadets or officers loathe them) to how to manage and leverage RBD's to everyone's benefit