We Help Frustrated And Dissatisfied Instructors To Believe Again


Are you Fed up with teaching traditional DT?


You Are Not Alone.

8.7 Out of 10 Instructors Are Confused, Dissatisfied, or Bored.

And...they want a program that is safe, simple, and effective.

That's why more and more In-Service Instructors Are Turning To The Force Management System. 

have you ever thought any of this?


-How do I teach a program that my officers will appreciate?

-I'd rather get a root canal than make another lesson plan.

-I wish I could stop teaching useless but mandated techniques.

-Is there a Mental Framework that will help me make sense of all the different systems out there?

-Is there a way to develop more realistic drills without causing more injuries?

-How do I augment the techniques I believe in without taking up too much class time? 

the ideal in-service platform


The Contact Dominance Level One Certification Delivers the Easiest To Use In-Service Program in the World.

It is:

so...what's in it for you?


You will finally make sense of all the chaos surrounding DT

You can effortlessly integrate and leverage any system you currently believe in or teach

You can utilize the "Lesson Plan Stack", our most popular classes and drills spelled out for you in detail

You can access Force University, with all of our techniques, concepts, and lectures on video, 24/7

You will learn exactly how to teach this (and any other) material with certainity and confidence

You will know which progressions to teach and when, with no more trying to remember what you learned

You will understand when and why to use each dimension of drilling, perfectly fitting the athleticism and motivation of your students 

and best of all, no recertifications!


Our attitude is that if you like what you see you'll be back for more

Plus, shouldn’t it should be up to your supervison to determine if you need an update?

We hope you’ll give us a try. 


2020 Q1: Flyers and announcements


contact dominance level one syllabus


Contact Dominance L-1 Curriculum.docx