High Efficiency Subject Control


As we define it, Subject Control addresses the conditions where it is the Officer who is initiating contact, and the Subject who is placed in the position of responding.  This is the ideal relationship for an Officer to be in, and is at the heart of our Flagship Course. 

The uniqueness of the FMS-1 is that it places a greater focus on teaching the student to adapt to changes in positioning and energy, while reducing the focus and dependency on mechanics or techniques.  

The reason that most techniques fail in the street, and why Officers typically have poor opinions about use of force training in general, is that training drills are typically done in the absence of real energy, i.e. changes in position on the part of the subject.

If an Officer is able to intuitively adapt and manage authentic changes in energy and position, then the handles and techniques will take care of themselves.  This is Key, and the primary asset of High Efficiency Subject Control.