Immediate Threat Response Training


Immediate Threat Response Training, or ITR, addresses that very thing, responding to a surprise event that poses an immediate threat.  Examples of this could be weapon-grabs, sucker punches, grabs and tackles, or even an edged weapon blitz scenario.

This class of training refers to conditions where it is the Subject who is initiating contact, and the Officer who must respond immediately to prevent the situation from going horribly wrong.

It is our opinion that if we expect officers to respond successfully to a surprise event in the street, then those responses must be trained during drills where the Officer has been authentically surprised, and must then respond to that stimulus/event in a successful way. 

Response-Training is an entirely unique Method of drilling, especially when contrasted with Subject Control type drilling, which is proactive by its very nature.  Of equal importance, ITR training must be sequenced in a specific order if it is to successfully transfer to the student.

If we miss this point or address it half-heatedly, then training for these scenario's becomes an exercise in futility and will most likely fail in the street.