Counter Combatives for LE


FMS-3, or our Counter Combatives Course, addresses the condition where both the Officer and the Subject are aware that a fight is on, and physical dominance is being contested for.

This scenario occurs when either

a) your Subject Control has failed, or

b) your Immediate Threat Response has succeeded.  Either way, the fight is now on, and both Officer and Subject are equally aware of the situation.  It is at this exact moment that the Officer needs to engage in a demonstrative fashion.  If not, dire consequences are likely to occur.

Many will think, "well, at this point I will simply escalate force with the introduction of a higher form of weapon system."  And that theory is true, AS LONG AS YOU HAVE THE TIME, SPACE, AND ABILITY TO ACQUIRE that weapon system.

So this is where Counter Combatives begins, at the point where Subject Control and ITR ends.  It is the clearest and most reliable starting point for all Officer Survival Training. Most problems occur because of a failure at this point; either in the form of injury or death to the Officer, or in the form of over-accelerated force due to the survival-stress response.

That is why the number of techniques in this cohort are few by design, and take considerations of the environment (like furniture and uneven surfaces) into direct account. 

During this type of training we must always maintain the standard that the validity of any technique is always dependent on ones ability to apply it. And the ability to apply is dependent on the ability to adapt to authentic changes in position and energy. These attributes will always be of greater value than any given technique, and most street cops understand this intuitively.

This then, is the exact goal of Counter Combatives Training. To transfer the skills of quickly dominating a Subject while under an assault, and then reducing the progression of force once control has been acquired.  It must be taught in a way that is realistic and believable by your Officers, yet doesn't injure them in training (what sense does that make?) or it will weaken their resolve and ultimately their ability to survive.