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Discover the Fastest, Easiest to Use (and Least Boring) Online DT System for Police


The Why

To begin with, the breadth of arrest and control skills necessary to meet public expectations can't possibly be accomplished in the typical 4-8 hours of annual training.

Making matters worse are the seemingly infinite number of Subject Control, DT, or Combatives programs available.  Attending even a few of them is a financial challenge. Assimilating them into a cogent and usable curriculum is almost an impossibility.

To put icing on the proverbial cake, many officers come to training with less than the perfect motivation. Their impression about training, much like yours when you were a student, are negative.  Their goal is to simply make it through the day. Becoming engaged with the training is an unlikely probability at best.

So What Exactly is Force University?

The original intent of Force University was as the Online Support System for those Officers who graduated from one of our Instructor Certifications. (Annual membership to Force University is still one of the many support benefits given to our graduates.)

But after repeated requests for access we decided to open Force University to everyone.

Force University contains the digital versions of our Force Management System Courses. They include everything we teach at our Certification Events, to include Lesson Plans, concept documents, teaching skills, and more.

Engagement and Ease of Use: Small Distinctions that Make a Big Difference

The courses offered at Force University have been engineered for simplicity, ease of understanding, and super fast implementation.

Of greater importance is the attribute of ENGAGEMENT.  These courses have been segmented and organized into a logical order, so that your natural instinct to learn consistently moves you forward. This is the only method by which true learning can take place in the digital environment.

Great research and effort has been and will continue to be invested in the design of our LMS (Learning Management System). Your ability to engage in the material and your ability to implement and apply the methods will always be our first priority.

Force University IS the Answer That Officers and Instructors Have Been Begging For

 Force University


Virtual Training That Engages

(And Won't Put You to Sleep)