• Next Generation of DT
  • Free Training Spots
  • Right of First Refusal

Super-Simple Hosting Process

We appreciate all of our host agencies.  So it only makes sense that we have a hosting process that is super-simple and anxiety-free.

We will handle all of the incoming phone calls and emails.  And we'll manage the entire registration and payment processes too.

All we need from you is a few broadcast announcements on your internal networks and a suitable place to train.  Then leave the rest up to us.


Complimentary Training Slots

As a way of saying thanks for hosting us for an event, we grant the host agency complimentary spots in the course based on the aggregate number of registrations.

Save Officer Lives

By bringing us into your area you can be certain that you are saving officer lives. 

The FMS is a revolutionary method of training.  The feedback we receive from chiefs, instructors, and officers leaves no doubt that lives are saved and training injuries are drastically reduced by implementing the Force Management System.


Right of First Refusal in Your Area

Once you've hosted us for an event, we will demonstrate our sincere gratitude by granting you the right of first refusal for future events in your area.

Contact us about hosting