Intelligent Response Training For Today's Hospital LEO/SO

Force Management Systems (FMS) is a division of Talon Global.  We are the premier use of force and liability reduction provider in the United States. 

We work with Hosptical LE/Security Supervisors, Instructors, Administrators and Risk Advisors to deliver true intelligent response training.



Leading Edge Executives Look to the FMS When:



The Force Reduction Method

The Force Reduction System is a simple and intelligent physical use of force method for departments that need to balance liability and risk with officer safety.

It is modeled off of our highly successful program, Use of Force Liablilty Reduction for Passenger Removal, which we developed for the Airlines Industry.

That progam is now in use by many of the major airport police departments in the United States and Canada.  They are having well documented successes in the reduction of both risk and public relations related emergencies.

The Force Reduction System takes the exact same client-focused approach and applies it to patients in the hospital environment.



Is Your Training Keeping Pace?

The Force Reduction System continues to grow because we are very different from what you will find in the training space.

Instructors are finding that the FRS is:

No where will you find a more measured, balanced, and intelligent response system that focuses on diminshing overall VOM (violence of motion) and quickly restoring peace and order to the caregiving environment.



Simple Training is usually a Commodity...True Partnerships Are Not

-"The FMS relationship begins where most other providers end."


We provide true, enterprise level response training and follow up support.  We see ourselves not as a simple provider, but as a parnter, committed to your success.

Yes, we develop fewer client relationships that way, but it allows us to provide clearer focus and dedication to the ones we have. 

That is why few clients leave us.  And the ones that do, usually come back.  

FMS's services include:

  1. The industry standard of excellence in training for the Disruptive Patient Process
  2. 24/7 access to our regularly updated LMS, which includes online video and our best lesson plans, ready to deliver to your team
  3. Same day emergency advice & support.*

*This includes optional availability to SME opinion and reveiew.



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"The Force Reduction System is the Gold Standard in Patient-Centered Physical Control Solutions."


-Hospital LEO and Department Chief Executive