• Prevent In-Service Injuries
  • Limit Liability
  • Improve Performance
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Peer Reviewed for Legal Soundness

All FMS curricula have been reviewed for Legal Soundness by former Michigan Attorney General, Mike Cox. Additionally, our programming has been peer reviewed by both Tactical and Medical experts for soundness in their respective fields.

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Fail-Safe Mechanisms
Drastically Reduce Injuries

Each one of our training drills includes a built in, fail-safe mechanism.  These mechanisms are proving to drastically reduce, and in many instances completely eliminate, in-service training injuries.  Reduced injuries means less back-filling and the costly expenditures that go with it.

Gain Officer Approval

Officers love to train in the FMS.  The training is fun and the drills make it self evident that the techniques are immediately transferable to the street.  Plus, without the need for overzealous drills or boot-camp methods, officers actually look forward to your regular in-service sessions.

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Camera Friendly Methods

Reduce your exposure to bad PR by shifting from technique-focused to concept-based training.  And by utilizing our proprietary anchor techniques you can immediately limit both the violence of motion and the duration of event, the two elements that create bad public imagery whether justified or not.