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  • and Dissatisfied Instructors
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Make Sense of the Insanity

How do you make sense of all the training systems and philosophies that are available today? So many choices and too much information to collate means that simply creating a lesson plan is usually an exercise in anxiety.

Let us help you make sense of the entire subject matter.

With our unique system of classifications, training needs, and drilling dimensions, you will finally have an easily understandable way of thinking about the entire subject matter.  This in turn will help you decide what it is that you really want to accomplish, and make the best use of what little training time you have.


Are You Ready for a Fresh Approach?

The FMS is not just a new interpretation of the same old techniques, and it's definitely not another martial art retrofitted for police usage but a completely new paradigm for law enforcement professionals.

A simple way to make the distinction is that most DT systems are similar to what an application is to your computer, they try to solve a specific problem.  The FMS is like a fully integrated Operating System, off of which it and most other systems can run the way they were designed to.

This truly IS the Next Generation of Hands-on Use of Force.

Simple, Repeatable, Approvable

The FMS is conceptually simple to understand, which makes it easy and fun to teach. The techniques are immediately repeatable in the street, which gives your officers the confidence they've been looking for.

And the curriculum has been vetted by top experts in the Legal, Medical, and Tactical fields, which means your department should have zero issues getting it approved by your municipal risk provider.

What more could you want?  


Authentic, Post-Graduation Support

Have you ever been to an instructor certification, only to have difficulty remembering what you were supposed to teach?

We believe that our training relationship really begins AFTER you graduate from one of our certifications.  The FMS includes just the right amount and type of the post-graduation support you want.

Enjoy Teaching Again

The entire mission of an FMS Instructor Certification Course is to allow you to have a Serviceable hands-on use of force program that you believe in. If you don't believe in what you're teaching you won't enjoy it.  And if you don't believe in it, should you really be teaching it?

The DT/Subject Control/Combatives community is long overdue for a change in training paradigm.  Why not give us a try and redefine what is possible for you and your officers?