Zero to Sixty in What???


The FMS is THE MOST EFFICIENT AND EFFECTIVE Formula for taking your officers from 0-60 in the least time possible.


What do we mean by "0-60"?

To make your officers tangibly and measurably competent in manageing authentic resistance, in handling real energy.



A Simple Distinction


The most straightforward way to explain the Force Management System is to first create distinction:

Talon Global is our Training Corporation, under which multiple programs exist for LE/MIL/Civilians.

The Force Management System is our complete learning theory and delivery platform.  It provides what very few (if any) other programs provide; a simple and repeatable formula for you to teach your classes.

The Contact Dominance Courses are the specific curricula (for Law Enforcement), consisting of patented drills and techniques, to include the exact sequences we recommend.



A "Smart" Comparision


An even easier way to think of the FMS is by comparison:

Talon Global is the Managing Corporation, such as an Apple or Microsoft.

The FMS is, in a sense, like an Operating System much like an IOS 13 or MS 10.  

The Contact Dominance curricula's (1 and 2) are like Application Programs; they are to the FMS what software applications like iTunes or Word are to OS 13 or MS 10.

(BTW, CD-1 is an application for the In-Service Program/Instructor; CD-2 is more for Advanced Users such as Academy or Private Training Group Programs/Instructors.)



The Logic


We use the FMS teach to all segmentations (LE/MIL/CIV) because it is a System:

A "System" which essentially allows all users to "Manage" their own use of "Force", hence the Force Management System.



The Holy Grail...Delivered


Allowing each individual officer to truly manage their own use of force has been the holy grail since the beginning of Defensive Tactics.  Most program designers have promised this in one way or another.  In our experience very few have actually delivered.

We ask you to be the judge, so why not reach out and find out what the FMS is all about?