Who is the FMS for?

  • The Open
  • The Willing
  • The Rational

The FMS is not for everyone

No Single Program is Right For Everyone


Is the FMS a bad fit for you?

Do you estimate the value of training soley by the index of its techniques?

Is your mind closed to new ideas or are you unwilling to test your assumptions?

Do you believe that all the answers can be found within one single system or style?

Are you satisfied with the Status Quo?  A few pressure points, some joint locks, and a handful of ground escapes?

Do you understand the nature of and risk inherent within Symbolic Training?

Do you place the development of your own individual skillset above the contributions you can make to your officers?

Have you resigned yourself to a generally antagonistic relationship between yourself and your in-service students/officers?



Who should attend?

The FMS is most likely a good fit for you if:


You are confident in what you like, but you're also open-minded to hearing other ideas

You pursue the truth and are willing to expose your beliefs to the mirror of honest analysis

You value purposeful, results-oriented training

You understand that the only thing that matters in an in-service class is the tangible, measureable skill transfer you give to your officers

You make your decisons on what goes into your class based on what your officers need, not on what you like to do

You would appreciate a simple perspective that would help make sense of the entire, often confusing DT/SC subject matter

You would like to look forward to and enjoy teaching your I/S class

You have trouble believing that you could recieve massive postive feedback about your class

You can see the value in having a way to complete your lesson plan in 10 minutes or less



who do we help?


We Help Frustrated and Dissatisfied Instructors to Believe Again


If you would like to understand how DT got to where it is today, and what all of us together can do about it...

If you would appreciate a simple and proven application-formula that your officers will love, gauranteed...

If you currently do NOT look forward to teaching your in-service class...

If you are NOT seeing positive and obvious improvement in your officers...

If you I/S class isn't fun to teach or attend (yes, fun)...

If you need to reduce the number and severity of in-service training injuries...

If you would value a simple equation that would help you decide which techniques to teach...

If you can see the value in reducing the time it takes to create your lesson plan to 10 minutes or less...

If having 24/7 access to online videos of all the techniques and drills would be good for your retention...

If having permission to print out and use all of our best lesson plans in 2, 4, and 8 hour blocks would ease your mind...

If you need to reduce your departments liability and risk profile from negative public relations events...




Who is the FMS for?